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Rabu, 30 Maret 2011


NTSC(YC/RGB) to VGA Scan Converter Metal Detector or Gold Detector
Alarm Sepeda motor Anti Maling-Sederhana Car Audio with Mp3+X over+Power Amplifier
Alarm Sepeda motor Anti Maling (IC555) Amplifier 150watts OCL
Alarm Sepeda motor Anti Maling Amplifier TDA2030
200mW Amplifier Sirine Elektronik
32 Watt Amplifier TRIAC Light Dimmer
24 Watt Class A Amplifier Light/Dark Detector
PT2350 tone control circuit LED Thermometer
TDA7850 car power aplifier Led VU Display (IC LM3915)
LM383 audio power amplifier Amplifier 50watts (IC L8063)
STK433-730-E 60 watt stereo power audio amplifier Saklar Penunda Waktu (time delay rellay)II
4 channel car amplifier using TA8259H Saklar Penunda Waktu (time delay rellay)
BA5406 2x3 watts stereo audio amplifier Saklar Sentuh
LM2876 40W audio power amplifier Detektor Kebohongan Sederhana
Cheap Metal Detector Detektor Hujan
Electronic auto Stethoscope Ultrasonic Dog Whistle
Baxandall Tone Control Revisited Simple Surround Sound Decoder
Xenon Strobe Surround Processor
Monitor Splitter Gitar Effect (Fuzz)
Digital Tone Control 2 Digital Delay Unit For Surround Sound
Guitar Control Digital Volume Control
Stun Gun dengan IC555 Flyback Transformer Driver
Nicad Battery Charger Car Battery Charger
6V to 12V Converter Voltage Inverter
25W Mosfet audio amplifier Amplifier Tabung
Spectrum Analyzer 3 chanel Mixer Audio
Electronic Stethoscope Sub Woofer Pre-Amp
Digital Tone Control 50 Watt Amplifier
Amplifier Gitar Bass Amplifier 60watts
Amplifier OTL Mega Bass Pre Amp
3 volt mini Amplifier Amplifier Stereo IC 2004
Amplifier 300watts Amplifier 600Watts Darlington
UPS Mini Lampu Neon DC12volt
Pengusr Tikus Elektronik Alarm Anti Maling (motor)
Sensor Tandon Penampungan Air Sensor Lampu Parkir dengan Infra Red
Detektor Asap dengan LDR Indikator Aki (Accu 12volt)
Alarm Kebakaran Sketsa pengusir serangga-insect repellant
Stun Gun (Senjata kejut listrik) Skema OCL Amplifier
Skema Mini Amplifier Sederhana Converter DC to AC
Skema Pengusir Nyamuk Elektronik

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

NTSC(YC/RGB) to VGA Scan Converter

This is a video scan converter to display NTSC video signal into VGA monitor. Normally, the VGA monitor occupies most desk top space, so that everybody will be thinking that if the VGA monitor can be used for video monitor.
I tried to build a scan converter. Right photo shows my VGA monitor which displays TV. The VGA monitor (Nanao T560iJ) has two VGA inputs, BNCs and a D-sub, it can easy to change its inputs without any external video swicher. A small monitor at left end of the photo is a sub-monitor to be used during the VGA monitor is used for PC.
Now, difference between NTSC and VGA is shown in table 1. The horizontal refresh rate for VGA is just two times faster than NTSC, and vertical refresh rates are equal. Thus, only converting the horizontal refresh rate is sufficient for NTSC to VGA scan converter and its circuit diagram is very simple. If there is difference between vertical refresh rates such as PAL to VGA converter, it will require frame buffer, the circuit diagram will become complexity. I can't give any comment on PAL to VGA conversion.

Table 1. Refresh rate
Video signalH syncV sync


Figure 1 shows the block diagram for the scan converter. Separated NTSC signal is decoded into RGB signals by the video deocder. The analog RGB signals are digitaized by video A-D converters and written into the line memories. The line memories are read at two times faster than write rate, same data will be read two times during one scan line is written. The timing diagram for this operation is shown in figure 2.
The timing clocks for each block is generated with phase locked loop which locks input horizontal frequency.

Figure 1. Block diagram for scan converter


Figure 2. Timing diagram for scan conversion


Building the circuit board

 The scan converter has fast digital circuit and fast analog circuit. These should be separated from each other to prevent influence of digital noize from digital block to analog block. Especially, the phase locked loop must operate stably, otherwise the scan converter cannot be used for practical use. The phase locked loop is locked to input horizontal frequency stably, then adjust any other trimmer pots.


Alarm Sepeda motor Anti Maling-Sederhana

Alarm Sepeda motor Anti Maling (IC555)

Alarm Sepeda motor Anti Maling

200mW Amplifier

R1 56k 1/4W Resistor
R2 15k 1/4W Resistor
R3 1.5k 1/4W Resistor
R4 1.5k 1/4W Resistor
R5 100 1/4W Resistor
R6 100 1/4W Resistor
R7 100 1/4W Resistor
R8  22 1/4W Resistor
C1 1000u 25V electrolytic capacitor
C2 10u 25V electrolytic capacitor
C3 470u 25V electrolytic capacitor
T1 BC549C NPN transistor
T2 BC547 NPN transistor
T3 BC547 PNP transistor

32 Watt Amplifier

R1,R4,R5,R8______22k 1/4W Resistor
R2,R7__________680R 1/4W Resistor
R3,R6___________2.2R 1/4W Resistor
C1,C10___________1u NP 25V Capacitor
C2,C12__________22u 63V Electrolytic
C3,C11_________0.47u 400V Polyester
C4,C7,C8,C9_____100n 400V Polyester
C5,C6,C13,C14___220u 63V Electrolytic
U1,U2__________TDA2050V 32W Audio Power Amp